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Did you know that the state of California has updated its laws regarding building and permitting Accessory Dwelling Units also known as Casitas, “Granny Flats” in 2017 and 2019?

Initial questions to consider when buying a home in San Diego County with a guest house or with an accesory dwelling unit (ADU)

Does the property come with a guest house or an accesory dwelling unit?

According to the County of San Diego, “an accessory dwelling unit is an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. It shall include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as the single-family dwelling is situated on the same lot.”

Basically, an accessory dwelling unit will have the following:

  • Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Separate Entrance

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can be a guest house, but a guest house is not an accessory dwelling unit.

A guest house may have a bedroom and bathroom, and might have a “kitchenette” like one would find in a hotel (refrigerator, counter sink, microwave, etc.).

In a permitted guest house (vs. ADUs), a stove/oven is typically missing. Although a creative homeowner might put in a toaster oven or microwave for light meals in a guest house.

In San Diego County, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)may be rented as an investment or income property i.e. for over 30 days. This is one of the major financial advantage for houses with permitted granny flat/ ADUs in the county. A guest house may not be rented as an income property because the intended use is to primarily house family members, elders, parents, in- laws, guests, etc.

Where is the property located?

Is it located in an unincorporated area under the jurisdiction of San Diego county or a city? For example, homes with a guest house or ADU in unincorporated areas of Bonsall, Fallbrook, Ramona, Valley Center are under the County of San Diego. Some properties might be i.e. located in the city of Vista, but there are unincorporated parts of properties with i.e. a Vista CA address that are under the County of San Diego.

Which ordinance and zoning do you comply with?

Please check with the locality, city, and county that the property is in for exact rules. For example check out the following locations for your initial research:

The big question – is the space permitted?

There are new favorable laws in California that make it easier to build granny flat, guest house, and accessory dwelling units.

Learn more about California law SB – 1226 Building standards: building permits

Have you found a property with an unpermitted living space?

The good news is that there are now favorable rules (SB 1226) to legalize an existing illegal space i.e. garage conversion by going through the proper permitting process. You will still of course spend money, time, and effort to go through the permitting process, rules, and regulations.

Read more on the ADU laws here on our blog.

Is it a conversion or an addition?

When was the original main house built? When was the addition/ conversion created? What rules apply for each date of event?

Is there an HOA or Homeowner Association?

If the home is located in a Homeowner Association: Did the homeowner go through proper architectural review and approval of the addition of the guest house, granny flat, or ADU?*

*Note that California law allows the addition of an Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to those properties zoned to allow the Family Residential use type by right. Furthermore, according to this new California law, AB-670 Common interest developments: accessory dwelling units, chaptered on August 30, 2019, HOAs may not prohibit the addition of an ADU in a single family residence property.

If the unit is to be rented for additional income: Does the CC&R allow for rental of this space as income property? It is very important to get the answers straight from the homeowner association.

Is there an ordinance within the city and county regarding the rental of the guest house or ADU?

Is there a limit to the number of people who can rent a granny flat? For example in a college town like San Marcos CA (which as Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College) – they have an ordinance that specifically addresses the issue.

What is the zoning for the property?

A home with a guest house may be allowed in single family residence zoning.

If the property has both a guest house AND an accessory dwelling unit – does the county and / or city allow for both a guest house AND an accessory dwelling unit in one parcel of property in addition to the main house in a single family residence zoning? Maybe not.

A single family residence zoning might only allow for a main house + one other auxiliary residence unit.

A multi-unit zoning on the other hand may allow for 2-4+ units on a property.

There is an update to California law, AB 68 Land Use Accessory Dwelling Unit, which may allow for both an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU).

You may lookup zoning information for San Diego County properties in the unincorporated areas of the county here.

Select County of San Diego PDS – Zoning & Property

Are the total square footage and number of bedrooms/ bathrooms accurately recorded in the public records?

The extra buildings might have been permitted but does the home size and additions accurately reflected? If there is a discrepancy, are there property taxes that should have been paid if the county had re-assessed the property? Will there be a penalty if the county finds out that extra value of the property has been hidden for years?

If you are getting a loan to finance or refinance a property with a guest house or accessory dwelling unit:

Does the space add value to the home from a lender’s appraiser’s stand point? Or is it an unrecognized or ignored value if not fully permitted?

Know that the appraisal of the home is going to be significantly impacted by a LOT of things so please consult with your lender’s appraisal process.

Is there a rental history on the accessory dwelling unit?

Can this be used as qualifying income to qualify to purchase the home with a mortgage?

Is the property type with its unique features eligible for any specialized financing that you are seeking (i.e. FHA insured reverse mortgage, renovation or rehab purchase loan or refinance, etc.)

Is it insurable?

Will an insurance company insure this added living space? First you will need to find out if the space is fully permitted as this will impact its insurability.

If rented, will they insure your liability for renters? (If the space is not permitted, the likely answer is no, which is an unmitigated risk)

There are so many more questions that we have not raised in buying a house with an ADU, guest house, or granny flat as each property, location, and building is unique.

Just know that it will take time to understand whether buying this type of a home will be the right decision for you.

What are the extra costs associated with buying a home with a granny flat in San Diego?

Whether you are considering buying a property with a granny flat/ ADU/ guest house with the intent to rent for additional income, or simply house extra members of the family, you will need to factor in the fact that these types of homes with an extra building will cost more, thus, your property taxes will increase and reflect the extra assessed square footage.

The insurance premium is going to be higher, too, because of the added space.

Searching for a home in San Diego with casitas, granny suites, ADUs, two houses on 1 lot or with guest homes, with mother in law suite, etc.  is a very specialized search. And we’re here to help!

Other terms that refer to accessory dwelling units in San Diego County are:

  • Casitas
  • Granny Flat
  • Secondary Dwelling
  • Mother-in-Law Suite

If you need help finding the right property in San Diego County, please be sure to contact DreamWell Homes at 760-798-9024. Thank you!

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San Diego County wants you to build an ADU on your property

Did you know that there are currently fee waivers for building an ADU if you are interested in building an ADU in the unincorporated areas of San Diego County? The San Diego County Fee Waiver Fee Program for ADU construction is set to expire on January 2024.

In addition, San Diego County also has Pre-Approved County Standard ADU Building Plans that you may check out here. Currently, the pre-approved ADU floorplans in San Diego County have basic options for one to three bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, single story, and two story units from 600 sq ft up to 1,200 sq ft.

North San Diego County Homes with Granny Flat, Casita, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Guest House

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