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DreamWellHomes is powered by Jean and Ken, a husband and wife team in San Diego

We wish to to share information about us to help you to get to know us a little better, and whether we will be a good match for when you are ready to buy or sell a house in San Diego.

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Jean and Ken are a husband and wife real estate business team in San Diego who specialize in on-line real estate marketing and consulting.

After consultation and an in-depth needs analysis, Jean and Ken will apply their specialized knowledge of 55+ communities in San Diego, to make initial suggestions on which communities might best fit and be a good value to the client.

They can also apply the same expertise in setting up effective custom home searches to deliver appropriate homes for sale listings to the client.

Once good candidate senior communities or homes have been identified, the next step in their free services involve referrals to their colleague real estate brokers/ agents, best matched to that unique client’s needs.

This match is based upon a number of factors – some of which are; agent availability, interest in a specific senior community, home style, city, or recreational activity.

These experienced professionals will show candidate homes, write offers, and manage the purchase or sale through to close of escrow.

Purchasing, or selling a home in a senior community can be quite different from other real estate transactions.

In some cases the home construction will be unique. In others, learning about the community’s restrictions before getting too deep into the buying process can save time and frustration.

Many 55+ communities might have certain traditions, cultures, or unique ways of doing things that only residents – or those agents intimately familiar with community – may know about.

Having an agent who has successfully guided other seniors through these nuanced transactions is a valuable benefit to the client.

How DreamWellHomes Became the Local Authority in For Sale San Diego 55+ Housing

San Diego Real Estate Team Jean and Ken TritleWhen Jean and Ken first began their real estate careers, their very first listing was a home in a 55+ community.

They immediately fell in love with this specialized housing segment.

It seemed that they had a natural affinity for the residents and soon-to-be residents, and they got a huge sense of joy and satisfaction in helping our senior population into their new homes.

They began developing the DreamWellHomes website with a 55-and-better focus, in order to do more of this satisfying and enjoyable work. Little did they know what we were in for. They had no idea how huge the demand for this type of housing was!

It turned out that San Diego was blessed with a large and diverse array of 55+ communities, AND that folks from all of the United States wanted to move to San Diego to frolic in the sun in their golden years.

The two of them put in a huge amount of work creating the DreamWellHomes.com website.

After identifying and getting to know all of these communities, they began creating video tours and cataloging each community on its own unique web-page.

It did not take long until they were flooded with inquiries. So many in fact, that it was a challenge to field all of the questions, return all of the phone calls email and text messages, and find the time to meet clients face-to-face to sell homes.

After all, selling homes is the reason they developed the website in the first place, and now they had little time to do that very thing!

Fortunately, through their journeys of selling numerous 55+ homes, they met and began forging relationships with other agents who had earned their respect.

These relationships quickly turned out to be helpful as the volume of their business continued to grow. Soon, they were asking our colleagues to help them with the overflow of 55+ buyers and home sellers.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. . .

Their business marketing rapidly evolved to the point where all that they were able to do was to handle the initial fact-finding conversations and based upon those findings, recommend appropriate 55+ communities and to create custom searches for their DreamWellHomes.com users.

Since their network of colleague agents was also growing, they were then able to not only recommend the right communities based on the client’s unique needs and desires – they were also able to suggest colleague real estate agents who were intimately familiar with that specific community and the nuances of buying, or selling, a home there.

This has turned out to be such a blessing for everyone involved – especially their 55+ buyer and seller clients.

Professional Background

Jean’s career background is in banking and financial services.

Jean worked as a Premier Banker, taking care of her bank’s most affluent and active clients, personally helping them with all facets of their banking including securing mortgages.

Jean’s career naturally progressed into becoming a trusted Financial Advisor until she switched from financial services to start her own real estate business in 2009.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines and earned her Certificate of Financial Planning from San Diego State University along with courses in Business and Photography from Palomar College in San Marcos.

Jean became a licensed real estate salesperson in 2006 and with her experience and further training, obtained her California real estate broker’s license in 2012.

She is now responsible for DreamWell Homes’s online marketing efforts.

Ken’s background has always been in sales.

Ken’s 30 plus years in sales have seen him at, or near the top of the organizations he has helped through the years.

Whether in the capacity of National Sales Manager, or acting in the role of an individual top-level sales professional, Ken has always challenged himself and raised his companies’ bars of success. 

Success in sales is normally attributed two things: An intimate knowledge of your product and processes and World-class client service. And Jean and Ken have excelled at both.

They both believe in continuing education to keep their skills sharp and to provide the best service possible for their clients.

Ken is currently managing email and phone interactions with buyers and sellers just before they work with with a referral real estate agent.

Their popular website DreamWellHomes.com which they have started in 2009 is a result of their efforts.

You can tell that Jean and Ken have invested a great deal of resources into their website to serve their clientele. Aside from the IDX real estate listings information, the content for the entire website is mainly authored by them.

Their sharp local expertise allows them to write about and feature the best San Diego neighborhoods to live in or retire in.

In addition, the majority of the photographs and videos have been personally produced by them as well.

Personal Background


Jean was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to San Diego in 1999 after earning her degree from the University of the Philippines.

Ken is a Pennsylvania native and moved to San Diego in 2001. The couple was introduced by Jean’s cousin and Ken’s best friend. They met in Carlsbad, CA, fell in love, married in 2002 , and have lived in North County San Diego ever since.

In 2017, they are blessed with a healthy baby boy, Jake, after 15 years of marriage.

They consider themselves fortunate to enjoy a laid back lifestyle in San Diego.

Outside of working together in real estate, Jean and Ken have many shared interests and hobbies which include photography, video making, writing, and reading books.

Jean loves edible gardening and grows organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables from their home garden in North County San Diego. She also enjoys baking artisan sourdough bread.

Ken loves fermenting food and makes great sauerkraut, fermented low sugar ice cream, milk kefir, and kombucha with natural flavors from the garden.

His main passion is writing. He is working on completing a children’s story and two thriller novels which he intends to get published.

You will find them visiting local farmer’s markets, eating and drinking at locally owned San Diego businesses to enjoy healthy and fresh food, great wine, craft beer and locally roasted coffee.

Jean and Ken enjoy local arts and culture and enjoy watching local theater productions at the Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista.

They also love to travel and are very fortunate to be a part of a real estate team with colleagues who help their clients while they are out of the office.

Their travels have taken them all over the U.S. and Hawaii, and also to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada.

When they travel, they usually enjoy self guided tours enjoying local culture and food.

To keep an active lifestyle, Ken loves to play tennis and together they spend time playing tennis, hiking and walking in local San Diego trails and beachside locations.

They mainly spend precious moments with their baby boy and of course family.

Jean and Ken love life and purposely design their lives each day to do what they love to do.

They value honesty, integrity, respect, relationships, and service to others.

They believe that to give is to have.

They give their time, skills, and knowledge to the young and old – knowing that in moments when we are connected, our purpose is to help each other have better lives.

They believe in the power of a team achieving a common goal of helping others

They are forever optimists who expect and deliver the best results. They believe that everyone has inherent talent and skills and that focusing on those skills in a specialized way provides amazing results.

They definitely believe in the power of a team and this is why they have successfully organized their way of doing business to work as a team with their colleagues of real estate agents and ultimately provide the best service and results to all of their clients.

If you are considering selling or buying a home and  want a team of true real estate professionals to help you, call our team at 760-798-9024 or email Team@dreamwellhomes.com.

Thank you for your support. Please keep using DreamWellHomes.com.

Most Recent Reviews for DreamWell Homes

We are happy to help you find the perfect home or sell a home with the right real estate agent for you. Our real estate agent referral service is provided to you for free!

DreamWellHomes Recent Testimonial from Dorothy (home buyer) to Daylene (Realtor)

December 5, 2017

Jean and Ken:

“Your service gets an A+ on the report card.  We were so happy with the services that Daylene provided.  She really went way beyond her job to help us and make sure that we were taken care of.  She was also able to negotiate with the listing agent who was very uncooperative with us and with her and also with the seller.

Daylene showed us many communities the first day we met her.  She helped us pick the one that was right for us and took our hands and led us through the process.  It would have been almost impossible for us to do all that without her.  Thank  you so much for sending Daylene into our lives.  We are so appreciative.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for your good services.  And we would definitely recommend your company and Daylene in the future.”


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