From High Maintenance to Comfort and Safety: The Importance of Finding the Right Home

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From High Maintenance to Comfort and Safety The Importance of Finding the Right Home

As professional Realtors® and homeowners who reside in a home that is not ideally suited to our current lifestyle, we understand the complex decision-making process that buyers go through when considering a move.

We appreciate the importance of finding a home that meets their needs, balancing the costs, and taking into consideration their health, safety, budget, and comfort.

Our own personal experience with a home that has become too high maintenance and has an unsafe staircase has only reinforced our commitment to helping others find their dream home.

Just like our clients, we too are looking for a new home that fits our needs and budget.

My wife Jean, now in her 40s, has been struggling with knee joint problems for over a decade, and our two story home with a basement laundry can be uncomfortable for her to navigate, especially with young children under the age of 5.

We know it is not a unique situation to try to eliminate stairs from our home for health, safety, and comfort.

We hear a recurring theme from clients of all ages on a weekly basis who are approaching retirement or already retired, that have growing concerns with their 2 story houses or 3 story condo. They either need to move at some point or make an extensive renovation on their home to age-in-place.

Despite the desire to move, the higher purchase costs and mortgage rates have been a challenge. But we know that with careful planning, it is possible to make a move when the time is right.

Personally, taking a long look at this will allow us to be deliberate in what type of property and location might work for us long term. We are thinking it would have to be a single story, perhaps a home with a master on main, or ideally one with an ADU to accommodate family, and maybe with ocean view. Before we had kids, we thought we might move to a 55+ home as we would enjoy the amenities at OHCC.

Note that we are realistic that our next move will not be our last, because at some point, when the kids are grown, we will want to move closer to them or future grandchildren.

The Power of Family Ties: Grandparents Moving Closer to their Grandkids

We believe that working with a real estate team who understands your situation can be incredibly beneficial for buyers.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to guide clients through the home-buying process and help them find the perfect home that meets their needs, fits within their budget, and provides the comfort, safety, and health they deserve.

We understand that the home search process can take time, and that it is a journey that often takes a couple of years or more.

This is a normal part of the process, and we have the patience to help our clients through it.

We fully expect that a large decision like this does not happen overnight, and we are here to support and be a helpful part of the process for our clients every step of the way.

From eliminating choices that seem attractive at first, but fail to check off enough boxes, to finding the one perfect home that truly fits their needs, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their dream home.

We want to empower our clients to make the move with confidence, and to know that the wait is truly worth it.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in a home that no longer fits your needs, we encourage you to take the first step towards making a change.

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Trust the process and know that with our help, you will achieve your dream.

Warmest regards,

Jean & Ken Tritle

DreamWell Homes Realty

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