The Power of Family Ties: Grandparents Moving Closer To Their Children

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The most common theme we have observed in the past decade of selling homes is grandparents moving to be near their children and grandchildren. The San Diego region is very popular with young and mid-career professionals. Mostly because of good, well-paying jobs. But also due to southern California’s ideal sunny weather, beautiful beaches and mild winters.

Deep down inside, many of us know that the home we’re currently living in, isn’t likely to be our last. We might realize that our current home will not be ideal to age in due to many reasons: stairs in the home, too much maintenance, too isolated, wrong neighborhood, etc . . . What most people greatly underestimate is the powerful pull of family ties once grandchildren enter into the picture.

Moving to be near kids and grandkids is by far the most common reason we have recorded, by a wide margin of more than three-to-one.

Because of this, we would encourage parents of young adults on the verge of getting married and starting a family to begin to think long-term about how they would feel being far away from their kids and soon-to-arrive grandbabies. 

In our family, my mother-in-law built her dream home halfway around the world, to be close to her aging parents. But then we had our son Jake. A little while after that her other daughter had a baby girl and we soon followed with our daughter Jenna. Ever since the first grandchild, Jake was born, my mother-in-law has not visited her dream home a single time, as she wishes to be here with her grandchildren. 

We have sold numerous second homes to grandparents who wish to be near their San Diego grandchildren. They have come from New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, northern California, etc. to be more involved in their family’s lives. It doesn’t hurt that San Diego is a very desirable place to own a second home. 

However, second homes are the exception rather than the norm. Most of our clients have, or will be, moving here full-time. Some are already retired while others will continue to work for several more years. 

These grandparents help with babysitting at times. In reality the majority of their time does not involve grandchildren. During free times these folks make new social connections and thoroughly enjoy active lives within their newly chosen community, which offer amenities like pickle ball, golf, tennis, bocce, swimming, etc. Outside of their community, they enjoy spending time at the beach, hiking, cycling, exploring museums and all that southern California has to offer. 

There are numerous reasons to begin thinking about our current home not being permanent. Grandchildren and/ or kids are just one of those. Another reason to have this top of mind is that moving is never easy, and the most difficult aspect of relocating is sorting through and getting rid of items that we have accumulated over the past decades. 

Realizing and accepting that we’re likely to change homes and move again, helps to put in perspective how and what we collect in our homes, garages, basements and attics. This realization may also be instrumental in beginning the process of getting rid of unused items through giving things to children, donations, yard sales or trashing them, which will make your next move infinitely more easy and less stressful. 

We have numerous resources to help clients with this type of move. If we can help you, we would be delighted to offer assistance. Please be sure to contact us below.

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