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Planning for your future retirement while finding your perfect home involves so much information that may seem overwhelming at first.

Having so many choices could be distracting or even bring a bit of analysis-paralysis.

If you have enough time, you should explore all these options in more depth… and certainly take the time to sample the lifestyle first-hand.

For those with a shorter time horizon, it is important not to rush your decision. Even if you think you’ve got your dream home picked out, be sure to consider at least a few options… including different styles, locations, communities… and of course your budget.

Ideally, your retirement years could be the finest of your life!

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Selecting Ultra-Local Real Estate Professionals

Ultimately, an experienced and local Real Estate Agent with expertise on retirement homes or aging-friendly homes for future seniors could make a big difference. There are some unpleasant experiences that seem all too common among retirees making such a big move. Being overly focused on only a few aspects of retirement (and overlooking many others factors), come back to haunt homeowners later on.

Talk to at Least 3 Different Real Estate Agents

Interviewing several agents before you choose is a must. There are several things you should look for when considering an agent:

Agents with experience working with active adults and their families, baby-boomers, and retirees.

A SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation is a good indication that the agent will understand your needs.

You’ll need an expert who can give you clear explanation of all the finer details, especially for the requirements and particulars of a community (all ages community or age-restricted community).

This includes doing the following:

  • Inspecting the financial records and disclosure documents of the homeowner’s association.
  • Explaining the services offered; maintenance and repair, caretakers, security, etc. Club membership options, costs, activities and events.
  • The approval process and requirements for new residents.
  • Understanding the rental restrictions of the community.
  • Rules regarding pets, visitors, parking, smoking and anything else you don’t expect.

Check out reviews and feedback from previous clients.

What do other retirees (or people similar to you), have to say about the agent?

They should be locals, who’ve lived in your preferred location for a long time and know the area thoroughly.

Can they give you insight on cost of living, taxes and your questions and concerns on affordability?

In particular, it would be ideal to find real estate agents who know the community, neighborhood and even the street that you are interested in.

Have they helped others move into the same areas? Do they know your future neighbors? Have they resolved their issues and concerns, too?

Most importantly you want an agent who truly listens to you. Someone who doesn’t do all the talking. But someone who’s actually interested in getting to know you and your needs. Caring agents with a warm and friendly touch.

Choose an Agent with a Strong, Trustworthy Reputation

Your agent will work on your behalf. A “buyer’s agent” is one who represents and advises you, so you’re not alone when negotiating with the seller. Unfortunately, you might not always get impartial advice from sellers.

They should also work with a team of professionals, including inspectors, mortgage agents and designers/ contractors. Your agent should have plenty of contacts to help supplement ones you may already have.

Keep in mind, a good agent can save you several thousands of dollars on your purchase.

Your buyer’s agent will tell you everything you need to look for in a property. They’ll have their “fingers on the pulse of the market,” and will always negotiate in your best interest. That’s their job!

One final thing to remember when buying a home, real estate commissions are customarily paid for by the home seller, out of the proceeds of the sale.

So, working with and having a buyer’s agent looking out for your best interests won’t cost you a penny.

Of course a seller’s agent has to be a truthful professional, but if you were on your own, you might not be prepared to ask the right questions.

For example:

  • Are the prices and options fairly priced?
  • Is the seller willing to negotiate the price?
  • Are there other re-sale options that I should consider?

We help seniors find the perfect home with the right real estate agent.

We are good at listening to your needs and getting you connected to the right real estate agent who is right for you!

Please call 760-798-9024 or contact us here if you need help finding  a home or selling your existing one.


Contact Ken Tritle at DreamWell Homes Realty – Call or Text 760-798-9024. Thank you!

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