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For Home Sellers

If you have ever said “I have, want or need to sell my home“, then we should talk . . .

We are local listing agents, focused on marketing and successfully selling your house fast and for the highest dollars the market will allow. 

As we sell your home, we will value it correctly, immediately put our Performance Marketing Plan into action to reach the maximum amount of buyers, help you prepare the property to it’s highest appeal, and carefully consider your input to get the result you need and deserve. Read more about us here.

We do this for you with No Risk – read below. Check out our client testimonials and some of our recent sales performance on Zillow and RatemyAgent.

Making the decision to sell your home

Deciding to sell your home can be difficult – or it can be easy. What makes the difference? Having reliable accurate data and the tools necessary to make an informed decision. 

If you have to sell your home, move or relocate, you will likely have similar questions to other home sellers. Questions like:

  • How much is my home worth?
  • How do I prepare my home to sell?
  • What is the most effective way to sell my home?
  • How long do I have to list my home for sale?
  • How do I know that you will do a good job of selling my home and keeping me informed?

Not only do you need these questions answered, we understand that all of this must happen within a timeframe that is comfortable for you. And we are here to help you navigate through the decision making process to sell your home. 

Please watch the video below to learn how we work on major real estate decisions whether in representing you sell or buy your replacement home.

Your Home Value

The first step for every homeowner about to sell their home in San Diego County is to learn what the property value is.

Here, we give you numerous ways to discover your home’s value, stay up-to-date on what is happening with San Diego real estate trends, and how to correctly price your house to sell.

Our Performance Marketing Plan

A Listing Agent’s marketing plan to sell your home, is one of the main reasons why you pay a real estate commission to complete the sale.

Learn how we combine the latest technology and more traditional ways of marketing properties to achieve success in getting your home sold.

Please watch the video above to learn the 3 Ps of Selling and how we attract buyers to get your home sold.

Our No Risk Listing Program

When the time is right for you to list and sell your San Diego home, we will be ready to jump into action for you. And you can rest easy knowing that you are backed by our No Risk Listing Program.

With us, you will never be locked into a listing contract that you do not want. Learn more by filling out the contact form provided.

Our Home Seller Testimonials

You don’t have to believe us when we speak about our listing agent services, home selling success and our performance marketing plan – you can hear it straight from our past clients and their review of their experience with us. Learn more .

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♦ Clear Communication
♦ Exemplary Negotiation skills
♦ No Risk – then hire us.