21 Tips for Selling Success

21 Tips for Selling Success

Print the 21 tips for Selling Success

1. Curb Appeal – bring it to the best appearance possible
2. Driveways – fix needed repairs. Wash it or clean it
3. Roof and Gutters– how is the condition? Wash or clean it
4. Mailbox – make it as attractive as possible
5. Front Door – must be in the best shape possible
6. Windows – absolutely clean inside and out – crack free
7. Exterior Paint – how is the condition? Address peeling
8. Garage Door – how is the condition? Repaint
9. Front, Side and Back Yards – must be in best shape possible
10. Your Cars – if not in best shape, remove before showings
11. Front Entry – clean and free of clutter
12. Closets and Rooms – remove as much clothing and furniture as possible 13. Carpet – must be clean, odor and spot free
14. Door Leading to Garage – have door unlocked and garage clean
15. Interior Paint – must be in the best shape possible
16. Light Bulbs – make sure that all work
17. Furnace and Air Conditioner – clean them up, including filters and filter covers
18. Home Clutter – totally eliminate it!
19. Kitchen – clean, clutter free and bright at all times! Nothing on countertops!
20. Baths and Bedrooms– clean, clutter free and bright at all times!
21. Home Smells – implement aroma therapy. If a smoker lives in the home, smoke outside and remove all smoke odor from home.

Your home should always be as clean and clutter-free as a hotel room when you first arrive.

Preparation is THE KEY to impressing buyers during their visit. If you’ve prepared correctly and your home is a match, offers will follow!

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