Selling a home could be a little easier with the right help

Selling a home could be a little easier when you seek the right help. Contact us, we can help!

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Schedule Listing Consultation and Interview at least 3 realtors before listing houseHere are a few things to keep in mind:

It is always a good idea to meet and interview at least 3 real estate agents who are active in your area before committing to sign paperwork and list to sell your home.

You will learn a lot from the process and ultimately get a good deal.

What to expect when you meet with a real estate agent to sell your home?

During this meeting, the real estate agent learns about you, listens and understands your selling needs, goals, and timeframe. He or she will also walk you through their marketing plan to work together in successfully selling your home and suggest steps on increasing the desirability of your home.

The real estate agent we connect you with will go through a comparative market analysis (a.k.a. comps) to arrive at the suggested listing price of your home in a consultative manner.

The agent will also set up the right expectations by describing how they work including ways to keep you informed throughout the process.

During the meeting, you may ask an experienced professional for ideas on what you can do to get more money for your home.

This meeting is a time well spent if you are serious about getting a good deal on your home.

When you speak to a real estate agent, be aware that real estate commissions are negotiable.

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What about appraisal?

Remember that once you find a buyer and they need a loan and offer you a purchase price subject to an appraisal contingency, the home will need to appraise for the price you agreed on.

Watch this video from DreamWell Homes for a little more information about the appraisal process.

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