Home Buyer Questionnaire

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We’d like to better understand your motivation in buying a home and help you find a home based on your needs, timeframe, and priorities.

Please fill out below and as soon as we receive your reply, we will contact you directly to begin our complimentary consultation process. Rest assured you are working with real estate professionals who respect your time and will implement a solid strategy to find you a home with your desired result and timeframe.

After receiving this questionnaire, we will speak with you directly and consult with you on the best strategy to find a home based on the timeframe you have indicated in this questionnaire. We value your time and wish to earn your business by providing professionalism and friendly service in all aspects of our interaction with you, whether online, by email or phone.

It is well worth it to invest a few minutes of your time to have the real estate professional that you will be working with gain a clear understanding of what your goals and needs are in buying a home.

If you have any questions at all regarding the multi-step process of finding the perfect home for you, please contact us directly at 760-798-9024 or email team@dreamwellhomes.com

We have found it to be very beneficial for both us and our buyers if they take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire below before beginning house shopping. This not only clarifies in our mind what you want, but helps to solidify it in your mind as well. When you have clear picture of your new home in your mind, it saves you a lot of time searching through and visiting homes that aren’t a good match for you. We’ll also bring in the right partners and local experts as needed to help you in buying your first home.
So, if you’ll fill this out as much as you can and get it back to us, we can discuss on the telephone at a time convenient for you (let us know when), then we’ll work together to implement a strategy to find the home that you’ve described to us!
Please rank in order of importance from 1-6 (1 being the most important).
__ Price Range
__ Monthly Budget
__ Number of Bedroom and Baths
__ Location
__ School District
__ Home Features
General Questions
1. When do you want to move into your new home?
2. If currently renting, do you have a rental/lease agreement? If so, when does it end?
Financial Questions
1. What price range are you looking for?
2. What is your monthly amount budgeted towards your housing, including HOA fees, Mello-Roos, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc?
3. Do you have a down payment to put towards the purchase of your new home? How much?
4. In addition to your down payment, do you have funds to use towards closing costs? How much?
5. If interested in buying a fixer home, do you have money set aside for home improvements? How much?
6. Do you have a current loan preapproval? If so, what purchase amount are you preapproved for?
1. What do you enjoy doing most when at home?
2. What room do you spend the most time in at home?
3. What lifestyle considerations are important to you?
1. What location do you prefer?
2. Are there any secondary locations you would consider?
3. What other location considerations are important to you?
Exterior Features
1. What style of homes are you interested in?
2. Many entry-level condos/townhomes do not have a yard. Will this be problematic for you?
3. Some entry-level homes may only have one car garage- either attached or detached. Will this be problematic for you?
4. Some entry-level homes may be older and may need work. Will this be problematic for you?
5. Do you want a pool or a community pool?
6. What other exterior features are important to you?

General Interior Features
1. How many stories do you prefer? Which ones do you want to avoid? (Single, Two-Story, Tri-level)
2. In general, how would you like the interior look like? (open, cozy, modern, traditional, etc.)
3. How many minimum bedrooms/bathrooms does the home need to have?
Room by Room Interior Features Rank In Order of Importance to You
1. What are your likes and dislikes for the master bedroom? ____
2. What are your likes and dislikes for the master bathroom? ____
3. What are your likes and dislikes for the secondary bedrooms? ____
4. What are your likes and dislikes for the secondary bathrooms? ____
5. What are your likes and dislikes for the living room? ____
6. What are your likes and dislikes for the family room? ____
7. What are your likes and dislikes for the kitchen? ____
8. Are the kitchen and family area adjoining or separate? ____
9. What other rooms in the home are important to you to have (home office, separate
laundry room, formal dining room, etc.)? What do these rooms look like? ____
10. If any of the above cannot be met, based upon your rankings, would this be likely to prevent you from purchasing a home?

What are the five must-haves of your ideal home?
1. ______________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________________
Buyer’s Lifestyle Questionnaire
1. What is your primary reason for searching for a new home?
2. How long do you expect own the home that you are buying?
3. Do you like working around the house, making small improvements or repairs?
4. Do you have any pets that stay in the house or outside?
The Neighborhood of Your Dreams
More than just the home, it’s important to think about the type of neighborhood that is
right for you. Please consider the following and record any notes or preferences:
1. Areas you would enjoy__________________________________________________
2. Specific streets you like_________________________________________________
3. School district(s) you prefer______________________________________________
4. Your work location(s)___________________________________________________
5. Your favorite shops/conveniences_________________________________________
6. Recreational facilities you enjoy___________________________________________
Any additional items to consider when selecting our target neighborhoods:___________

Congratulations! You took the first step in making your home search a whole lot easier! After receiving your completed questionnaire by email, in person, or by phone, our next step as a professional real estate team is to analyze your needs and goals and make appropriate recommendation in our next phone consultation/ in-person appointment.
Finding a home requires a team approach effort and we look forward to analyzing what your needs and goals are, so that as we move forward to the appropriate next steps, we are equipped with knowledge to better help you with your real estate purchase in the area.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful feedback. Open communication is one of the essential ingredients in having a team help you find the right home!