Why Making a Move in Advance is Smarter than Being Forced to

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Moving to your ideal retirement home… even before retiring… is not a such a radical concept. In fact, it’s some of the best advice you could follow for creating more freedom and flexibility on the road ahead.

Why you should move early

Start the transition as soon as possible and give yourself enough time to consider more options… or soften the blow that might come with such a move. Whether you move now, or move later, you’re likely to share the same emotions. Making the move now will give you a longer adjustment period in your new home – and you might just end up in a stronger financial situation as an added bonus.

Facing the difficulties of walking away from a lifetime of memories

Moving at this stage in life can feel overwhelming. Not only because of the complications of home buying and selling, but the many deep rooted emotions, accumulated possessions, family relationships and history also bring additional stress.

Limited financial resources

Especially if your financial resources are tight, and will only become smaller as you approach retirement. Downsizing and finding a more economical, better-fit home is a huge advantage in building and, or, preserving savings.

Your physical or mental health

If your health should decline in the future… you’d be wise to take advantage earlier… to be sure you’re fully involved in the decision-making process. Those who can’t make decisions on their own behalf are far less likely to enjoy their new living situation.

Renting first

Before you settle on a new home or location – renting gives you a way to “dip your toes” in a new community, home or lifestyle. This way, nothing is final… and you can always try new options until you find something just right. Of course, this process might be more energy intensive… hence you should get going while you still have the zeal!

Some other benefits to moving early include:

● Getting to call the shots and deciding the non-negotiables for your new home… things you’re not willing to compromise on.
● Not being forced or pressured into any recommendation… take your time to decide.
● Considering multiple housing alternatives, including remaining in your home and aging in place.
● Feeling comfortable in the transition process and having necessary time to understand every detail.
● Helping reduce emotional burdens, knowing very well how emotions can influence a sale or purchase…
preventing you from making the best, logical decision.
● Taking the time to find the right real estate agent – a specialist who works with people in similar situations.
● Enjoy San Diego more… spending more time living a fun active lifestyle

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Contact Ken Tritle at DreamWell Homes Realty – Call or Text 760-798-9024. Thank you!

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