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San Diego Aging Summit 2016

June 15, 2016 –  Takeaway notes from attending the 2016 Aging Summit event held bi-annually in San Diego since 1998.

  • San Diego’s Senior Population is expected to double by 2030
  • San Diego County has so many senior related services and programs that we didn’t know about through San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services (AIS)
  • There also so many non-profit organizations that focus on aging-issues including San Diego universities ( UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging
    Stein Institute for Research on Aging)  who offer educational resources to San Diego seniors
  • The San Diego region aims to be an Age Friendly Community and seems to have a strong leadership to achieve this goal. The Aging Summit gathers direct feedback from the San Diego senior community.
  • There are of course many issues that face seniors that won’t be solved overnight in San Diego – these are issues related to housing (affordable housing, supportive housing, smart livable homes), transportation and mobility (need more mobility-friendly communities), civic engagements, aging brain (Dementia and fight against Alzheimer’s – more than 60,000 people in San Diego are currently living with Alzheimer’s, this number is projected to double by 2030.), health and fitness, etc.
  • Seniors in San Diego are quite creative in making housing supportive for their own needs by forming a Village. In one of the 2016 Aging Summit sessions titled Supportive Housing. We heard from from Susan Derringer (The Villages Movement), Dr. Kathy Guilfoyle (Tierra Santa Village of San Diego), and Simpone Ruff (Corporation for Supportive Housing) TierraSanta Village and sat near a group of happy residents brimming with energy and enthusiasm for seniors all over San Diego to form villages.  Learn their story here–  “A group of seniors in the community of Tierrasanta want no part of a retirement home. They’re determined to change the experience of aging by staying put in their own homes for the rest of their lives. To do this, 200 of them — and numbers are growing — have banned together to form a village, with a neighbors-helping-neighbors approach.”San Diego Seniors Form Village To Help Each Other Age At HomeKPBS link with Video

About the San Diego Aging Summit 2016

Here is the link to San Diego Aging Summit 2016 Agenda – We recommend for the community to attend this free event. The next San Diego aging event is likely to be scheduled in 2018.

“The Aging Summit is an important way to get information out to our seniors about this and other areas that affect their lives, like making San Diego more age-friendly,” she said. “The emphasis is on making our community more welcoming to our residents — easier to age in place, retrofitting a home, having the support services they need so people can stay in their home as long as they want and get all of the care they need.” – San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob San Diego Union Tribune

Featured Guest Speaker at the San Diego Aging Summit: Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke, a remarkable entertainer whose career spans decades, recently published the book “Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging,” delivered a talk through a conversation format that inspired the over 2500 participants who attended the event in San Diego.

At 90, Mr. Van Dyke is a prime example of how Americans are living more purposeful, healthier and longer lives. Mr. Van Dyke talked about the importance of volunteering, keeping an open mind, and keeping active.

Quote from Mr. Van Dyke: “I think volunteering, doing something good for somebody else, will keep you going.”

Check out San Diego Volunteering opportunities information

San Diego’s Senior Population is expected to double by 2030

See San Diego County’s Demographics Information from the U.S. Census Bureau –  Click link here.

San Diego Region’s Demographics Information from SANDAG – Click link here.

San Diego County Demographic Profile 2011 Report: – Click link here.

There are roughly about $600,000 seniors in San Diego aged 60+, and the numbers are expected to be somewhere around 1.2 million by 2030. For detailed statistics, please visit all the links provided in this page.

According to a SANDAG projection of San Diego’s demographics by 2030: overall ethnic composition in San Diego will be:

  • 42% White;
  • 37% Hispanic;
  • 16% Asian and Other,
  • 5% Black;  by the year 2030.”As those in the baby boom generation age, the senior population continues to grow at a faster pace than the total population in San Diego County. Between 2000 and 2030 it is projected that:
    • the 60+ population will increase from 404,025 to 929,766; a 130 percent increase;
    • the 65+ population will increase from 313,750 to 722,545; a 130 percent increase;
    • the 75+ population will increase from 153,691 to 324,855; a 111 percent increase;
    • the general population will increase from 2,813,833 to 3,870,000; a 38 percent increase.

    The distribution of the older population among the cities in the county is uneven. For example, according to 2010 estimates, 32 percent of Del Mar’s population is 60 or older, while only 13 percent of National City’s population is over the age of 60. Other jurisdictions with relatively high concentrations of older residents include:

    Lower concentrations of older residents are found in:

    • Vista (13%)
    • Escondido (14%).

Source: San Diego Aging and Independence Services Webpage – visited on June 16, 2016

San Diego Region’s Demographics Information from 19 jurisdictions:

Get to know San Diego’s Population Trends, Characteristics, Household Median Income, San DiegoHousing Characteristics (San Diego Occupied  & Vacant Housing Units) and San Diego Regional Growth Forecast from SANDAG.

San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services

There is a wealth of online resources and information available for San Diego seniors, families, and caregivers through San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services (AIS).

For more information call 800-510-2020.  AIS is a part of San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency

AIS has resources and programs to keep San Diego seniors informed.

Important Website Resources to Visit

  • LiveWell San Diego
  • San Diego Network of Care Website – The network of care website is an internet based community resources for older adults, people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and service providers.
  • Service Directory of All San Diego Programs
  • 211 San Diego – According to its website, 2-1-1 San Diego’s mission is to help people by connecting them efficiently to services and provide vital data and trend information for proactive community planning.
  • Alzheimer’s San Diego – Alzheimer’s San Diego offers support for families and caregivers, provides education and information, social activities and programs, and early stage support. Phone 858-492-4400 9 – All oro

Visit this 211 San Diego link and enter your zip code and category of interest (housing, , i.e. Oceanside 92056 and services and programs related to the city will show up in the results.

Example Categories

  • Food Assistance
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Clothing & Household Goods
  • Military & Veteran Services
  • Utility Assistance & Energy Efficiency
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Public Benefits & Financial Assistance
  • Health & Dental
  • Physical Activity & Nutrition
  • Family Services
  • Individual Support Services
  • Counseling & Behavioral Health
  • Alcohol & Drug
  • Volunteer & Community Support
  • Emergency Response & Preparedness
  • Environment & Public Health
  • Consumer Services

For example –Housing Rehabilitation Program, City of Oceanside

Manufactured Home Improvement Program (MHIP), City of Oceanside

The San Diego region aims to be an Age Friendly Community

In May 2016 San Diego County joined the World Health Organization and AARP in the Friendly Communities Network. The intentions of this initiative are to improve communities in San Diego, for residents of all ages, by making meaningful improvements such as:safe, walkable streets
  • better housing options
  • better transportation options
  • access to critical services
  • opportunities for all residents to participate in community activities
San Diego County, its government, its leaders, civic partners and indeed its residents, all share the vision of San Diego becoming the model that the rest of the worlds measures itself against when designing their own age friendly communities.
It should be quite easy to demonstrate to interested parties, how forward thinking San Diego is in its commitment to improve lives of residents of all ages. This could make the difference between an individual choosing to live in San Diego, or to live elsewhere.

San Diego Universities

UC San Diego Health Sciences – Stein Institute For Research on Aging – Watch helpful videos from the Stein Institute For Research on Aging

Aging Summit 2016 Talk

At the Aging Summit, we heard Laurence Weinstein speak about aging friendly homes using universal design, accessible design, aging in place design. He prefers to use the term “smart livable homes design. Laurence Weinstein, Shared Solutions America founder, retired AARP National Events Housing Consultant and 40+ year architectural design/build professional shares ways to address these urgent needs.”

The Future Of Age-Friendly Communities (Watch video of Laurence Weinsten here) – 

A few things to consider addressed in articles written by Mr. Weinstein on the website

One-step home

Good Lighting

Kitchen Layout


Upgrading Unsafe Homes

Barrier Free Kitchens and Bathrooms

and more!

PDF Brochure of Layout of Homes called Generations Homes from Mr. Weinstein

Generations Home Features

Wide hallways for easy passage of household furnishings and personal accessibility.

Wide exterior and interior doors for easy passage.

Raised electrical outlets grounded and easy to access.

Larger rocker style wall switches located within
easy reach at approximately 42” (to center of switch)

Lever style door handles for ease in opening.

Large easy-to-read thermostat located at a convenient height for easy adjustment.

Adjustable-height vented shelving in all closets for flexible custom storage and retrieval.

Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting package helps eliminate shadowing, creating a safer environment.

Cabinet system is designed for convenient accessibility to store, retrieve, or use kitchen and bath accessories / features.

Easy-access sinks and plumbing faucet fixtures with designs reflecting current décor trends.

Kitchen appliances with large front or side mounted controls for easier operation.

Elevated or raised dishwasher for no-stoup, no-bend loading and unloading.

Oval-bowl toilets at more comfortable height in all bathrooms.

Easy-access, single-lever shower control in master bathroom with anti-scald, pressure-balance feature.

Full-length vanity mirrors mounted directly above counter backsplash.

Full-extension drawers and shelves inside cabinets for easy access.


12 Things You Can Do Yourself Right Now to Make Your Home More User Friendly – PDF File

Aging in Place: Helping Seniors in San Diego Stay in their Homes

Village to Village Network – Learn more how to create a village for seniors. This is helpful for seniors in San Diego who live far way from transportation access, communities, facilities, or senior centers. Note: Need to provide a directory of senior centers in San Diego.

Take a look at the Village to Village Network –

Also look into home sharing in San Diego for seniors. Screening services provided by Elder Help of San Diego.

“HomeShare is a unique, affordable housing solution. HomeShare focuses on maximizing the use of existing housing stock by matching seniors who want to remain in their own homes with adults of all ages who are in need of housing. HomeShare is a simple solution that offers great benefit to seniors and those seeking affordable housing.”

Benefits of HomeShare from Elder Help of San Diego Website

“HomeShare is more than a roommate matching service offering:

  • Independence – older adults can remain in their homes and in the communities they know and love
  • Economics – additional income for home providers, affordable rent for home seekers, and an alternative to long waiting lists for subsidized housing
  • Security – peace of mind for all involved, knowing there is more than one person in the home
  • Companionship – mutual support and the potential to build lasting friendships

In addition to making housing matches, HomeShare provides housing consultations and referrals to those in need of affordable housing.

HomeShare offers two separate options:

  1. Rental Exchange is an opportunity for home owners to supplement their incomes by renting out a spare bedroom.
  2. Service Exchange is an option for home owners to receive some assistance around the house in exchange for a room. Such help may include housekeeping, cooking, transportation, grocery shopping, errands, yard work or other assistance.”
ElderHelp of San Diego
Location San Diego,CA
Phone 619-284-9281
Status Open
Network Member? Yes
Scripps Ranch Elder Care Alliance
Location San Diego,CA
Phone 858-752-0845
Status Open
Network Member? No
Tierrasanta Village of San Diego
Location San Diego,CA
Phone 858-569-9119
Status Open
Network Member? Yes
Yasmin Shah
Location San Diego,CA
Phone 858-314-0065
Status In Development
Network Member? Yes

Also touch on In Home Care Services Available in San Diego to help San Diegans age in-place.

I liked the idea mentioned in the video below to start in-home care as a preventative approach.
Love 2 Live Care Services For Seniors in San Diego

Love 2 Live Care Services from Love 2 Live Care on Vimeo.

Sports and Physical Fitness

For those who want to stay in their homes and keep an active lifestyle, San Diego has the following sports courts available to the public or available for a reasonable membership fee

Directory of Public Golf Courses

Examples below are just some facilities available to the Public at Balboa Park

Balboa Park Golf Complex – City of San Diego 

Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling at Balboa Park

Lawn Bowling at Oaks North, Rancho Bernardo

San Diego Tennis 

Balboa Park Tennis Club

Balboa Park Sports and Recreation in San Diego

Morley Field Sports Complex

Bike Trails, Hiking Trails, Sports Courts,

San Diego is a Pet Friendly Retirement Community

Pet Friendly Amenities in San Diego

List Top Dog Parks in San Diego County/ Dog Beaches in San Diego (ie Del Mar)

Dog Park in Balboa Park

Directory of all Senior Centers in San Diego County 

Senior Center in San Diego County


Balboa Park Senior Lounge

City of San Diego Senior Citizen Services

Senior Volunteer Opportunities in San Diego

Highlight the importance of civic engagement at retirement: Add resource information to show volunteer opportunities in San Diego

Senior Volunteer Opportunities for Civic Engagement- San Diego AIS

For example, Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers serve throughout San Diego County at over 70 partner organizations

City of San Diego Senior Volunteer Program

Volunteer Match

Serving Seniors in San Diego Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Patrol through San Diego County Sheriff – Senior Volunteer Program

Volunteer at Elder Help of San Diego 

and a lot more!

Alzheimer’s Project in San Diego 

More than 60,000 people in San Diego are currently living with Alzheimer’s, a staggering number that’s also projected to double by 2030. As a regional response, The Alzheimer’s project was born in 2014 initiative to develop a regional roadmap to address the disease. In the Aging Summit event, you could hear Supervisor Dianne Jacob‘s passion in finding a cure for Alzheimers right here in San Diego with the help of top researchers, leaders, care experts and others.

Additional Statistics on Alzheimer’s Prevalence in San Diego

  • Nearly 137,000 San Diegans provide people with Alzheimer’s 156 million hours of unpaid care each year worth nearly $2 billion.
  • The cost of medical care for San Diegans with Alzheimer’s over their lifetimes is estimated at between $13.5 and $27 billion now and could soar as high as $42 billion by 2030.


The Alzheimer’s Project supports the Live Well San Diego vision, which encourages residents to live healthy, safe, and thriving lives. Live Well San Diego is a comprehensive, long term plan to advance the health and well-being of all San Diegans.

Online San Diego Resources Related to the Alzheimer’s Project

Take Me Home Program in San Diego – The registry promotes communication and gives Law Enforcement quick access to critical information about a registered person with disabilities in a police emergency by capturing information such as a full description, routine/favorite attractions, communication, emergency contact information, as well as other special needs the registered person may require.

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