Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing

Even though most buyers use the Internet to get their real estate information, we still diversify our marketing to have a well-rounded way of reaching the maximum number of home buyers for you.

There are numerous ways that we market your home “off-line”:

  • We tour a focus group through your home and require them to complete a questionnaire. This highlights areas of possible improvement before any buyers can become distracted by them.
  • We are active in the local Realtor® Caravan. This is a weekly meeting of Realtors® introducing their new homes on the market to the entire group of agents. Immediately after the meeting the agents then travel to visit the newly listed homes to preview them for the pool of buyers that they are currently working with.

As you can imagine, the Realtors® who participate in the Caravan are some of the most successful agents in the area. The very agents who we want to know about your fabulous home!

  • Market your property to all of the agents within our brokerage for their pool of buyers.
  • Open House Events: we believe in showing your home to a lot of people and Open Houses do that very well. The same 92% of home buyers who use the Internet to search for their new home, also search there for the weekly open houses. We support our open houses with Internet marketing, video embedded emails and lots of directional signs throughout the neighborhood.
  • Negotiate the sale of your home in person or over the telephone. This is infinitely more effective than negotiating through email.
  • Direct mail campaign to support the sale of your home.
  • We engage in “Active Marketing” – calling prospective buyers agents to talk about your property
  • Extreme responsiveness to telephone calls from agents and buyers.
  • We get to know neighbors through open houses and by walking the neighborhood.  This enables us to personally market your home to neighbors that have family, friends or colleagues looking for a home.
  • Attractive “For Sale” signage in your front yard.
  • High quality brochures with high-resolution color photographs on the yard sign post.
  • Visit your home weekly to check on property ( if Vacant) and refill brochure box.

Through experience we have found that although we live in the Internet age, it is the personal touches that make transactions smooth and on-time.

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