Misunderstanding San Diego

Missing the Big Picture

Don’t be put off by the median home prices in San Diego. Anyone with a budget of $400,000 or less can start getting discouraged by real estate listings… seeing many properties out of their price range. While instead places like Arizona, Nevada, and Florida offer newer, more spacious homes for much less.

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A Practical Fit for Retirement

In San Diego, the majority of homes in this price range are traditional built condos and manufactured homes. Some people hesitate if they’re not familiar with these styles. But these communities and homes are the most practical fit for retirement… and not to mention, the perfect way to downsize to a less expensive home.

When you do your homework, you’ll understand exactly why the housing market is priced this way… the San Diego lifestyle and climate are simply spectacular! No other location offers such natural beauty and an active, outdoor lifestyle… all year around.

Once you understand this, it’s easy to let go of the stigma of living in manufactured homes or condos… which are quite spacious and beautiful.

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Watch out for Desert or Tropical Areas for Retirement

Another potentially big mistake with settling in areas with bigger, newer homes… don’t ignore the summer or desert heat! Especially in the off-season… this can be a huge mistake. In fact, we regularly hear from retirees who’ve settled in desert areas, and many have expressed a desire to sell, after a short time, and move to San Diego for the mild climate. 

How to Survive the Summers?

Desert environments have brutal summers. Except for staying indoors, you’ll find little relief from scorching temperatures. Whether you believe in global warming, or not, the trend seems to be getting worse every year. Summer temps are often over 100°F, while desert winds blow sand everywhere – into your eyes, car and home, etc. In fact, many San Diego homes rarely have the need for air conditioners. Although, we do get the occasional heat waves.

Once the nice winter conditions fade, how do you survive the brutal summers? Florida summers can have near 100% humidity, multiple hurricanes and frequent rain. Allergies, roaches and mosquitoes are no fun either.

You’re Getting a Much Better Value in San Diego

Especially in San Diego, with so many things to do… many year-round outdoor activities to keep you busy, and the general lack of outdoor pests, you’ll likely be spending less time inside your home.

Even if you’re settling for a smaller home, with a few years on it, the rewards of living in San Diego will win out every time over the allure of cheaper priced homes in seasonal locations.

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