How to sell a home

How to sell a home

Price, location and condition are the three things that attract buyers. You can’t change the location of your property, but you can choose its price and condition. You need an agent who will give you honest advice on your home’s listing price and what your property needs to make it wow a buyer the moment they walk through your door. Most buyer’s impressions are made within 10 seconds of entering your home, so it is crucial that it looks its best.

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Video Q & A on How to Price a Home

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How to Sell a Home- Preparing For Showing Video

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Real Estate Commissions

Making the right first impression can make the difference between selling your home at the highest market price or go through the pain of having your home sit on the market with no offers.

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The importance of Home Staging Video

Based on experience, Ken Tritle has created this video on the simple things that a home seller can do in order to prepare your home to sell by keeping in mind who your potential buyer is and what they are looking for when they buy a home. There is plenty of information here to help you prepare to sell your home.

Establishing a fair market price for your home at the time of listing is crucial to a successful sale. Your home is in direct competition with other nearby homes offered for sale. Note that selling your home is both a beauty contest and price war.

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The majority of showings by buyer’s agents on a new listing occur when the house is first placed on the market. Sales agents bring their active and qualified buyers to see a home when it is newly listed.

If your property is over-priced during this initial viewing, the potential buyers will not see the value of your home as compared to the competition. These potential buyers will quickly move on to the next property in hopes of finding that desired value. In most every case, these buyers will not return to your home even if the listing price is later lowered.

Once the initial groups have seen the property within the first few weeks, viewing activity begins a drastic downturn and becomes limited to only those buyers new to the market. Your optimal time to successfully show and ultimately sell your home is in the first few weeks while viewing activity is at its peak.

If the fatal mistake of over-pricing and later correction is made, almost 90% of your potential buyers have already moved on. Establish the correct market-acceptable listing price at the beginning and you radically increase your chances of a successful and quick sale.

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