Home buyer agent help available for those looking to buy a home in San Diego County

Thinking of buying in San Diego County and NOT currently working with an agent?

Put our experience and local market expertise to work for you!

By working with an exclusive buyer’s agent, we can help you identify homes that are right for you, make suggestions on neighborhoods at great value for the type of home, budget, and area that you are looking for. We alert you with properties for sale that meet your criteria as soon as they hit the market to give you the best possible advantage in beating your competition!

You pay us nothing out of pocket!

Our services are paid for by the seller and cost you NOTHING- the same as if you did it yourself relying on your own means, time, and consumer knowledge. This applies to whether you buy an existing home or brand new home from a builder! If you are considering new construction home, the price of the home IS the same whether you have a buyer’s agent with you or not. We may even be able to help negotiate better incentives for you when working with motivated sellers or new home builders!

Put a professional to work on your side!

Why not put a professional on your side to be your guide in navigating the paperwork, ensuring you understand each disclosure and your contractual rights and obligations including deadlines you have to meet in a purchase contract with a seller or a new home builder.

We save you money!

Listing Price does not equal Selling Price. We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of comparable recent sales which determine the fair market price.  Using our local market expertise, we can tell you whether the asking price for the home you offer on (whether existing or new construction home!)  is priced above market, below market, or at fair market value. We then work with you to come up with an offer strategy with price and terms that give the maximum possible advantage in getting the home that you want. Bottom line, with our help, you will never overpay for your new home!

We save you time and relieve some of the stress of buying a home

From helping coordinate home inspections, escrow, loan, and the closing process, we ensure that you have a team always available for you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. As your agent, we let you know of any red flags we are aware of that you need to know about the property you are buying.

FREE and Unlimited consultation for any questions you may have!

We believe there’s never a foolish question. We are your guides and consultants, ask away! We’ll get the answers for you! We’ll even make sure that you are surrounded by the right team of professionals working for you! We give you our trusted industry contacts and local professionals we work with to be your resource!

We help you take care of all the complex and minute details of buying a home.

Keeping everyone fully informed and ensuring that every deal is a done deal!  Learn more about us by reading our client testimonials. Take advantage of working with a team of experienced, knowledgeable, highly responsive real estate professionals committed to your success! Call us today at 760-798-9024.

We offer you free LIFETIME support and consultation.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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