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For Your Home Buyers

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As part of our Home Seller Services, we incorporate methods of instant information delivery to keep your home’s potential buyers engaged. Buyers seeking instant gratification love our home listings because we give them what they want and we give it immediately.

  • High-Resolution Photography: We have our own on-staff photographer to provide us with rich professional pictures of your property.

Lets face it –  your home’s listing is going to be all over the Internet and what the majority of potential buyers are going to be looking at is the photos of your home. And they better be impressive!  You will never see dark photographs, pictures turned on their sides, or date/time stamps on our listing’s photos.

  • High Definition Video: There are few things that home buyers like more than watching a real video tour of a property that they are interested in.

We are not referring to a simple slide show of the exact same photos that are used on the MLS and put to music. We mean real, moving video. A walking tour of the property, designed to make the viewer feel like they are in them home themselves, seeing the flow of the home and making up their mind that they already love it. All of our videos are high resolution with a high degree of production.

  • Video Embedded Email Messages: Because our website produces so many home buyer visitors, we have been able to compile a large database of home buyers. These buyers are carefully segmented by the type and size home that they are searching for to help sell our listings. We will send video embedded email messages to those home buyers searching for a home like yours.

We use the same high definition videos that we use on other marketing platforms, and the user watches it right in the email message. We know who watched the video, how many times they watched it, if they shared it with others and if    they followed any of the links to get additional information about your property.

  • Unique Property Web-Page: Also printed on your front yard signage, as well as on most all other marketing pieces is your property’s unique web-page. Potential buyers can immediately access this web-page to get even more information, additional photos, descriptions and videos of the home and neighborhood’s outstanding features.
  • QR Codes: These odd postage stamp-like squares only need to be scanned with a smart phone and immediately your home’s information is displayed right on the buyer’s cell phone. We include a QR Code on the For Sale sign in your front yard.
  • Text for More Information: Potential home buyers only need to enter four digits into a text message to receive complete and instant information regarding your home. This text number is included in your signage as well.
  • Brochures on Yard Sign: Because not everyone is high-tech, we place beautiful brochures with high-resolution photos on your front yard sign for those who want to hold something in their hands. These brochures will still direct the buyer to your unique property web-page and to the property videos.
  • Respect and Responsiveness: During the time that your home is on the market, we will be receiving many phone inquiries about it. These inquiries will come from both other agents and potential buyers.

Because of our Team approach to selling your home, we can be much more responsive. In the rare instance when cannot answer a call live, we call back as soon as we are free. We understand that buyers consider more than one house and that time is of the essence. Every caller is treated with respect and invited to view your home.

  • Home Seller Focus: Because we specialize in representing home sellers only, our belief is that this benefits not only our seller clients, but the eventual home buyer as well.

Since we do not run all over the county showing homes other than those we list, we can focus all of the details and issues that really matter. When you are selling or buying – everything matters. So, that is what we pay attention to.

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