Get Comparable Home Sales Report For My House

Get a Comparable Home Sales Report For My House

When choosing a listing price for your home, using Comparable homes sales, or Comps, is the starting point in determining the Fair Market Value for your property. Once the correct Comps are identified, adjustments can then be made to allow for differences between the Comps and the Subject home – yours.

Because your local real estate market could be so fluid and dynamic, prices can fluctuate rather quickly.  So, part of arriving at the Fair Market Value for your home is to take into consideration what the real estate market has done between when the Comparable homes have successfully sold and now.

After you fill out the contact request below, you will receive a FREE comparable market analysis report showing:

  • Active listings (currently for sale)
  • Pending listings (sale pending/ home is in escrow)
  • Contingent listings (offer accepted by the seller subject to lender approval of short sale)
  • Sold listings in your neighborhood in the last 90 days or in the last 180 days if there are no available 90 day comps.

If you are curious how much your neighbor’s house sold for, you will know exactly how much their house sold for and how long they were on the market. The comps report will include property details and photos of the comps if available for your review.

Watch a video below of how appraisers choose comps to come up with the appraisal value.

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