Why choose a Real Estate Team vs. a Single Agent to Sell Your Home

Why hire a Real Estate Team vs. a Single Agent to Sell Your Home

Each real estate transaction comes with mountainous stacks of paperwork, countless showing requests that need coordination, inspection meetings, ongoing marketing obligations, frequent bank and/or buyer negotiation meetings, seller updates, comparative market analysis, MLS modifications, numerous telephone and Internet requests for information, and much more. And often, this is just in the span of one day!

Professional Agent Teams are busy with multiple transaction all going on at the same time. A successful Agent Team specializing in the San Diego area quickly becomes expert at delegation and multi-tasking, accomplishing things that would require a single agent to work unrealistically long hours per day.

Since your home will be competing with many others, you will want to feel secure knowing that the marketing efforts to get buyers into your home to successfully get it sold are continuously working and being monitored for effectiveness.

The Team concept is so effective because it allows your agents to focus on sales related activities, while other team members focus on completing the non-sales related tasks. This results in a faster sale and a smoother escrow period.

Below is a list of the advantages of hiring a Real Estate Team in San Diego County to sell your home:

  • Multiplies the effective effort of getting your home sold.
  • Significantly increases the attention to detail allowing your home to be presented in the best possible light.
  • Doubles the availability to field calls and questions from buyers and buyers agents to facilitate a faster successful sale.
  • Adds a “Checks and Balances” and consultative and team approach to all aspects of the sale of your home.
  • Allows one of your agents to be present during inspections and/or repair work, while other agent is focused on critical marketing, sales, and administrative details.
  • Enhanced marketing of your home through more innovative channels.
  • Constant attention: your transaction will not be set aside while others are completed.
  • Less wasted time, keeping inertia moving towards the goal of getting your home sold.
  • Provides more than a single personality style to better match with buyers, buyers’ agents, inspectors, lenders and all real estate related service providers.
  • More availability to your agents for greater communication throughout the selling process.
  • As stated above: selling a home in San Diego County is an intensely complex process, filled with minute details. This can be very challenging for the single agent.
  • Better management of document flow to assist a timely escrow closing.
  • Increased traffic through more timely and effective showing schedule coordination with buyers agents.
  • Doubles the listing agent Sphere of Influence in San Diego County and outlying area to facilitate increased exposure to more potential buyers, resulting in a quicker sale.
  • Doubles the leveraging of the inherent talents and skill sets of your listing agents.
  • The Agent Team concept allows for greater flexibility throughout the entire process.
  • No extra fees or costs for double the attention towards successfully selling your home.

On top of it all, our professional real estate agent team is assisted by:

  • transaction coordinator to help facilitate thorough and complete paperwork
  • a marketing assistant
  • on-staff professional photography services
  • a licensed real estate agent assistant to handle administrative tasks ensuring that we are efficiently and effectively using our time in focusing on you and the successful sale of your home.

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