Hire the best real estate agents in San Diego to sell your home

Hire the best real estate agents in San Diego to sell your home

You have almost unlimited choices in the best real estate agents in San Diego who can sell your home.

Best Real Estate Agents in San DiegoJust like a home on the market needs just one buyer, for a successful sale to occur – you need just one agent, the best real estate agent, out of the multitudes available to effectively sell your home.

Selecting the best real estate agent can be a laborious and intimidating process which includes listing interviews that are way too long, relentless real estate agent follow-up telephone calls and emails, and real estate agents all too willing to tell you about themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way . . . .

What sets us apart: We focus on representing Home Sellers Only. This is a vitally important distinction.

We make choosing the best real estate agent an easy process for you.

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Our home selling system is robust, effective and designed to ease much of the stress associated with making a move.

From our first conversation, you will experience just how easy selling a home can be . . .

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How can we help you?

For San Diego Home Sellers Who are Currently Attempting or Considering Going the “For Sale By Owner” Route to Sell Their Home

Sixty seven percent of sellers who sold their own property report they would not repeat the experience. The main reasons for this were: difficulty in setting the right price to cause their home to sell, limited marketing knowledge/ability, liability concerns, lack of negotiation skills/experience and time constraints.

No two real estate agents are the same! As Professional REALTORS® and Seller’s Only Listing Specialists, we know our market intimately, have the market data that matters to you, a comprehensive marketing plan to successfully sell your home and plenty of outstanding references to make you feel comfortable in your choice.

Why choose San Diego real estate agents that specialize in representing home sellers?

If you required open-heart surgery, would you choose a surgeon who does this only once in a while or on just a part-time basis? . . .

Would you choose a surgeon who operates on any and all parts of the body? . . .

Or would you choose an expert open-heart surgeon who’s daily regimen of training, experience and continuing education make them the ideal specialist to ensure your health and safety?

Of course, you would choose the specialist.

Selling your home is also a milestone life event. So, use the same care in choosing your specialist to handle the sale of your home.

Now that you know that you should be seeking out a sellers-only listing specialist, read below to find a checklist of the must-have qualities and skills that you need in your listing agent to ensure a successful sale of your home. Please feel free to use this list to ensure that you are choosing wisely to hire the best San Diego real estate agent to sell your home.

 Checklist to help you choose the best San Diego real estate agent to help you sell your home

◻︎ The best real estate agent to sell your home specializes in representing sellers on a full time basis

◻︎ The agent is Seller’s Only, Listing Agent

◻︎ The agent is able to focus on the sale of your home – one who will work hard on your behalf

◻︎ As a real estate agent seller specialists, they will not be distracted by spending their time showing multiple properties (other than yours) to home buyers across San Diego County


 The best real estate agent has experience in pricing your home accurately to sell fast and for top dollar

◻︎ They know how to price your home at the highest possible dollar amount that will cause it to sell and have the BPOR® “Broker Price Opinion Resource” certification to back it up

◻︎ The best real estate agent’s goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible, without sacrificing your net proceeds

◻︎ The listing agent is an aggressive and effective negotiator on your behalf, so you won’t have to deal with the stress of negotiating with buyers directly

◻︎ They understand that a successful appraisal is a crucial part of the sales process, and has a strategy to ensure that the appraisal will come in at value


The best real estate agent understands the nuances of preparing your home to sell to make a great first impression on buyers

◻︎ The best real estate agent will clearly explain the process, your available options, terminology, etc . . . One who will be an effective guide for you throughout the entire process

◻︎ You will want and agent who will guide you in preparing your home so that it has the greatest emotional impact on potential buyers when they walk through your front door, effectively setting it apart from competing homes

◻︎ Has a system to update you on a regular basis (whether through regular emails plus a weekly conference call)

◻︎ Communicates with you by your preferred method, whether by phone, email, text message, or face to face

Realtor® Trulia Zillow

The best real estate agents have marketing expertise:

◻︎ The best real estate agent is extremely tech savvy and has a proven and effective online marketing strategy to attract the over 92% of home buyers who begin their home search on the internet

◻︎ The best real estate agent specialist  is committed to spending their time and expertise in aggressively marketing your home

◻︎ Has an attractive functioning website that generates thousands of visitors

◻︎ Use Enhanced Virtual Tours in marketing your property – this is your “24/7 Open House”

◻︎ Understands the power of video in marketing homes

◻︎ They produce custom neighborhood video tours to help attract buyers for your home

◻︎ They support the sale of your home with a Direct Mail Campaign

◻︎ Has an on-staff professional photographer, since the photos of your home are such an integral piece of the marketing efforts

◻︎ Utilizes all current technology to make it easy for you, and for prospective buyers of your home, to get immediate information to make educated decisions

◻︎ Engages in Active Marketing instead of the passive marketing used by the large majority of real estate agents

◻︎ Will begin marketing your home before and after it is listed on the MLS

◻︎ The best real estate agent also knows how to market specifically to buyers’ agents who have buyers looking for a home just like yours

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The best real estate agent is very responsive and has excellent communication and listening skills

◻︎ The agent is responsive and answers their telephone, or will return your call within 30 minutes

◻︎ Consistent communicator – one who will eliminate the anxiety of the unknown and keep you up to date at all times

◻︎ Actively listens to you and seriously values and considers your opinions

◻︎ Very patient, but has the sensibility to give the correct level of push when required

◻︎ The best real estate agent is respectful of his or her peers, and will return their calls and inquiries in a timely manner


The best real estate agent understands the home selling process and manages risk on your behalf

◻︎ The best real estate agent who knows how to protect you, your family and your interests in a litigious society like ours

◻︎ They help facilitate the myriad of paperwork and buyer disclosures you are required to fulfill as a home seller

◻︎ They are very detailoriented and have transaction compliance team to ensure all paperwork is done correctly and in a timely manner


The best real estate agent works in a team

◻︎ The best real estate agents have a full-time support team behind them ensuring a high level of service and responsiveness

◻︎ They delegate non-sales related activities to the appropriate colleagues within their areas of expertise, so that they can focus on, and continue marketing your home to find the buyer


The best real estate agents give you a NO RISK listing agreement and a fool proof marketing system

◻︎ They are so confident in their abilities and home selling system, that they will allow you to cancel your listing agreement at any time if you are unhappy with their service, regardless of the length of the contract

◻︎ You will get all of the above and more. The one exception is that you will get two specialized listing agents working for you instead of just one – doubling the power of your Listing Team to get your home sold!


The best real estate agent has a great reputation, proven track record, and consistently receives quality reviews from many happy clients

◻︎ The best real estate agent is active and will market your home in your city’s Realtor® Caravan – where the most successful agents meet regularly

◻︎ The best real estate agent has only 5-Star Testimonials from home sellers

Best Agent Rating

Testimonials from Our Home Seller Clients

“Our home-selling experience with Ken and Jean was more than we could have hoped for. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication and committment to our sale made the process easy and enjoyable. They have a sincere respect for their clients and they work to alleviate the concerns and stress that can come with the process of selling a home. We appreciated the level of energy they put into our sale, and the offer we accepted 2 weeks after listing was a tribute to their expertise. We closed exactly two months from the date we listed, and the timing was perfect. Jean and Ken are a great team, and their experience will make your home buying or selling process as efficient and enjoyable as can be”.  – the Brinks

“We met Ken and Jean after seeing all their great reviews. After meeting them we instantly new this was a great pick! The first day we had them over to discuss our options, they had with them a rough copy of what our listing would like. They were not pushy at all, and throughout the whole process always either answered our phone calls and questions immediately or within the same day (we had a lot of them). I know our house would have sold regardless, but it definitely didn’t hurt having their expertise. We had our house on the market for a day before we got several offers including the one we accepted. They ensured we had all the exposure possible, which ensured anyone looking for a home knew ours was for sale. They had a professional photographer come in and take pictures, which made out beautiful home look even better. They understood that we had a family and made sure showings and inspections were done around our schedule, so our newborn wasn’t strung out. If I ever purchase a home they will be the first call! Thank you Ken and Jean, you guys earned every star”!  – Edward & Patricia

“Jean and Ken are Wonderful!!! They helped me list and sell my 2-unit investment property in Escondido. This was not an easy sell due to tenants in the property, repairs needed and myself living out of state. They were extremely professional and helpful at every stage. Thank you Jean & Ken”!!! – J. Crawford

“Jean and Ken Tritle were very aggressive and attentive to our selling needs for our home. They were very knowledgable and comforting to the questions and concerns that we had. They helped us through the entire process step by step and were very detailed. We would highly recommend them to everyone who is selling or buying a home. It is comforting to know that they are both professional and trustworthy individuals”.  – Rovillos

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