San Diego County Homeowner Resource Contact Information

San Diego County Important Contact Information and Web Resources

San Diego County Treasurer- Tax Collector- 1-877-829-4732

San Diego County Property Taxes Due Dates

First Installment Due: November 1

First Installment Delinquient After: December 10

Second Installment Due: February 1

Second Installment Delinquent After: April 10

Search Property Tax Information in San Diego County
Search for property tax bills by Mailing Address, or by Assessor Parcel Number (APN), Supplemental bill number, or by unsecured bill number.

Assessor: San Diego County Assessor’s Office Tel. 619-531-5772

Planning: San Diego County Department of Planning and Land Use Tel. 858-694-2960

Zoning: Zoning Division for the County of San Diego- Tel. 858-565-5981

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